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La Val land of hikers

La Valle: the first town in South Tyrol to be certified "European hiking village"

In 2015, the town of La Val in South Tyrol was the first to obtain the “European hiking village” land of hikers certification. Among the many sports that can be practised in La Val, hiking plays lead role and the town as a whole and its hospitality facilities are committed to supporting and promoting this particular activity.

Beautiful mountain meadows dominate the landscape scenery of La Val with their enchanting blooms, characteristic barns where hay is stored and spruce, larch and stone pine woods. From spring awakening until late autumn, the extraordinary biodiversity of flowers and plants magically changes the colours and fragrances of the mountain landscape.

Among the mountain meadows of La Val, those of Armentara stand out in particular. These extend to the foot of the Sasso Croce and are home to many species of orchids and other flowers. From La Val to the town of Badia in Alta Badia these meadows are also endowed with numerous species of animals including as many as 60 types of birds.

Not very far from the Armentara meadows and under Mount Pares are the Rit meadows, while on the other side of the valley in the direction of Sasso Putia are those of Chi Jus.

La Val is proud of its network of carefully attended and impeccably marked trails and of its daily programme of guided tours and theme excursions designed for families.

Around the town numerous hiking trails extend for pleasant walks among the “Les Viles” old residential areas with their manicured gardens and numerous Dolomite scenic spots. 5 trails have been specifically designed to visit the highlights of La Val:

Tru de Paisc: a 40-minute walk around the town centre, to become better acquainted with the life of the town and discover the culture of the Val Badia.

Tru de meditaziun "Memento Vivere": an easy walk that starts from the parish church of La Val and along the Way of the Cross reaches the small church of Santa Barbara accompanied by works of art by local artists and religious thoughts from the Bible (a 1 hour walk approx.).

Roda dles Viles: a trail which in about 2 and a half hours takes you on a journey of discovery of the typical “Les Viles” farmhouses of Val Badia. The walk enables hikers to perceive the commitment which the farmers put into caring for their land and the strong bond they have with nature. Along this loop trail are two refreshment points – a chance to enjoy a taste of Ladin specialties.

Tru Pra La Val: 27km of trails to appreciate the pride of La Val: its mountain meadows. From the Rit meadows to the larch woodlands and the flowers in bloom of Armentara, hikers can admire the achievements of past generations of farmers. Excellent observation points, illustrative panels with quizzes for children, water games and manicured grasslands surround this itinerary which can be split up into stages.

Tru pra Pidro: breathtaking views of the neighbouring towns of Longiarù and Badia across the meadows of Chi Jus. A walk in the direction of the Puez-Odle nature park with spectacular views of the Putia and Lavarella and back along the Rio Gadera to Pederoa.

Numerous beaten tracks for winter hiking. Snow-covered landscapes to be explored with snowshoes. Excellent hospitality and traditional cuisine make La Valle the ideal town for your hiking holiday.

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